Sides for Borscht

Ukrainian Dinner rolls (pampushki)

Heat the water a little, add in the yeast and a quarter of the flour, mix well, cover with a… Read more

Garlic gravy

Mince the garlic and grind well with salt. Add water and oil and mix well until combined. You will need:… Read more

Rye bread brew (kwas)

To make rye bread brew, cut a day old rye bread into pieces and dry in the oven until it… Read more

Garlic Toast

Preheat your oven to 350 F. Cut rye bread into thin slices. Mix chopped garlic and oil with salt to… Read more

Marinated Beets

Wash the beetroot thoroughly, place in a pot, cover with water, add 2 teaspoons of white vinegar and cook for… Read more

Tzatziki Sauce

Peel the cucumber and shred it. Leave for 20 minutes and then wring out all the liquid. Peel and chop… Read more

Fermented Beets

Peel the beetroot and cut into chunks. Place into a deep pot, add salt and water mixture and cover with… Read more

Beetroot Vinegar

Peel beetroot and cut into thin strips. Cut apples, too. Put everything in a bowl, add sugar and warm water… Read more

Ukrainian Boiled Potatoes

Peel whole potatoes and place into salted boiling water. Add peeled yellow onion, 1 bay leaf and boil for 10-15… Read more

Mushroom toasts

Cut white bread or baguette into slices ½ inch thick. Toast them on one side in the pan with butter…. Read more

Bread Kvass

Wash mint under running water and chop. Place in a cup, cover with boiling water and let steep for 30… Read more

Sauerkraut (a.k.a. Fermented cabbage)

Finely chop fresh green cabbage and shred a carrot. Transfer into a big bowl, add bayleaf and peppercorns, mix well…. Read more

Bacon Toasts

Cut rye bread into slices. Heat some butter on the skillet and fry them on one side. Take the bread… Read more

Beet brew

Peel and wash your beetroots. Cut ⅕ of beetroot into large pieces, mix with whole beetroot and place into a… Read more

Buckwheat pancakes

Pour clean buckwheat into boiling water, add salt and simmer constantly stirring until the grain absorbs all water. The porridge… Read more