Borscht is on every table and everyone has a positive Borscht experience


Preserve and Share Ukrainian Legacy through Cooking Borscht

Borscht is an integral part of Ukrainian identity and one of the cultural codes of Ukrainians. No other nation treats Borscht with such reverence and respect as Ukrainians do.

Borscht dates back at least to the XVI century, when it was first mentioned in literature of the period as a sour cow parsnip soup. 

Times change. Food production technologies, cooking and food preservation techniques change. Borscht, not only as a heartwarming dish but also a cornerstone of Ukrainian identity, remains.

BORSCHT As A Guiding Principle

B – BALANCE. Balance in food is balance in life. That’s why this is our main guiding principle of our commitment to bring Borscht to every table. Life-work balance is of immeasurable importance and a key to healthy, successful living.

O – OPTIMISM. For Ukrainians, Optimism means always going forward. We use any situation as an opportunity to grow and improve. Ukrainians always believe in a better tomorrow and do everything possible in order to bring a better future.

R – ROOTS. Know, cherish and respect where you came from. We are who we are because of our roots. There is no dish in the world that is revered and loved by the whole nation more than Borscht. (That’s why we decided to combine Petrykiv floral design and Borscht.) We stay committed to our roots in style.

S – SHARING. Ukrainians do not only cherish and preserve their culture, but take pride in sharing it. Borscht is our passion and we would like everyone to experience it the way Ukrainians do. We strive to do it in any way we can: we share recipes, designs, techniques, tips, tricks, history and the way to enjoy homecooking. We share passion, joy and Borscht.

C – CURIOSITY. We believe Curiosity is a driving force behind learning something new. And what is a better way to experience new things than through enjoying food? Curiosity IS Adventurous Eating and we love that!

H – HOSPITALITY. Ukrainians love having guests. This is our main trait: to cook our favorite tastiest dishes and share them with friends. This is why the first thing Ukrainians do in any new place is find local cabbage and beets, make the best borscht and invite new neighbors and friends to share the amazing meal.

T – TRADITIONS. Ukrainian families prepare borscht the same way our grandmothers prepared borscht.  This is the same way Borscht has been cooked for 300 years. This is how Ukrainians are cooking borscht – this is how we are Cooking Borscht. And this is WHY we are Cooking Borscht.

Victoria and Alex - Founders of Cooking Borscht
Victoria and Alex – Founders of Cooking Borscht

When we think about Borscht, we immediately think about family and warm times spent with family and friends. We also think about the joy of family meals and the fun of cooking together. Borscht is the warmth of life, the coziness and the smell of home. Borscht is the ultimate comfort food and the joy of being at home. 

We are a husband and wife team –  Alex and Victoria – founders of Cooking Borscht. Both of us were born and raised in Ukraine.  We are passionate about our culture and Borscht. Our passion for Borscht runs in the family.

The Cooking Borscht was started before Alex and Victoria were even born.

Alex’s father, Vyacheslav, has been collecting borscht recipes all his life while traveling around the Soviet Union during his career. Talking to locals in all Soviet republics, from Vladivostok on the Pacific ocean to Baltic countries, Vyacheslav learned all new and unique ways and techniques to make Borscht.

No Borscht is the same and no recipe is wrong. Vyacheslav’s recipe collection grew larger and larger over time and when he retired, he compiled his extensive Borscht knowledge into a book he titled “Cooking Borscht”. Unfortunately, his life was cut short. We proudly named our company Cooking Borscht to commemorate the work of his life, to share the gem of Ukrainian cuisine and continue his legacy by introducing Borscht to the world. 

Borscht is renowned as king of Ukrainian cuisine – with good reason. So we are passionate about sharing Ukrainian culture through its most popular dish, because what better describes a nation than a good, hearty and heartwarming soup?

Our mission is to share the many wonderful Borscht recipes with the world and the feeling of home that cooking Borscht brings, but without the hassle of making Borscht from scratch. That’s why we created Borscht Kits that combine the taste of authentic borscht and ease of preparation.