Borscht Varieties

Borscht with bone-based broth (17)

These recipes start with beef bones as a base. Slow cooking beef bones makes the broth very thick, flavorful and savory. Fresh green cabbage, potatoes or beans, carrots, onions and of course beets add a variety of flavors to the most popular beetroot soup in the world.

Borscht with meatballs (2)

Borscht recipes with meat added in the form of meatballs. This borscht variety is especially loved by kids. Meatballs can be added to any borscht - green or classic red with beets.

Borscht without beets (8)

Is borscht without beetroot still a borscht? You bet! Flavorful and authentic Ukrainian borscht recipes that happen to have no beets but otherwise boast full flavor and amazing taste

Cold Borscht (10)

Cold borscht is also known as Summer borscht or Chilled borscht. Cold borscht is very popular in summer months - it's refreshing, has a kick of lemon and dill and is often served with boiled eggs and sour cream.

Green Borscht (18)

Green borscht is also known as White Borscht or Sorrel Soup. Spinach, collard greens and mustard greens are also widely used. Green borscht is light, loaded with vitamins, greens and bright flavors. This spring season soup can be meaty or vegetarian.

Mushroom Borscht (14)

Mushroom borscht is very popular in Western regions of modern Ukraine and Carpathian mountains. Mushrooms add some forest aroma and, if used in vegetarian borscht recipes, provide that hearty and thick flavor without using meat.

Poultry Borscht (14)

Duck, chicken, turkey and goose are used in poultry borscht recipes. Lighter than beef or pork soups, poultry borscht is packed with vitamins and flavors of various fresh vegetables and greens.

Ukrainian Borscht (16)

Historically correct and authentic Ukrainian borscht recipes some of which date back to 13th century. Some recipes call for beetroot brew, bread kvass, sauerkraut or fermented beets. As authentic as it gets!

Vegetable Borscht (19)

Vegetarian borscht is not less flavorful, warm, hearty and filling than a meat borscht. Packed with the earthy notes of beets, fresh cabbage, root vegetables and sometimes mushrooms, vegetable borscht is a perfect alternative to a pork of beef soup.