Borscht Making Kit

Borscht Kit is a unique product that combines authentic Borscht recipes and advanced dehydration and freeze drying technologies. We bring you the way to make traditional tasting Borscht in minutes

What is Borscht?

Borscht is a traditional Ukrainian soup famous for its bright red color. Full of beets, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, onions, tomatoes and a hint of garlic. Every Borscht Kit guarantees you the ultimate Borscht experience.

Traditional Borscht recipes

We use original Borscht recipes as a base for Borscht Kits. Some recipes are more than a hundred years old! Borscht prepared from a Borscht Kit is delicious and tastes exactly like freshly prepared soup. Guaranteed.

Homemade soup in minutes

Each Borscht Kit is packed into a beautiful collectible jar for freshness and long shelf life. Just add any type of broth to a Borscht Kit and simmer for 20 minutes and you will get a delicious authentic borscht. It's that easy!

Natural Borscht Ingredients. Nothing Artificial

Only carefully selected local vegetables, herbs and spices go into our Borscht Kits. We purchase our produce from local farms and inspect every batch by hand to make sure you get the best quality vegetables in every Kit

Dietary Fiber
Vitamin C
Vitamin A

Our Customers About Borscht


“So good!!! We had the Original Ukrainian Borscht last night with chicken …… delicious!!”


“I grabbed one a couple of weeks ago when I was in town and we just practically licked our bowls clean! I LOVED the Borscht!!”


“We stopped at the farmers market last weekend when we were in town and my friend and i each bought soup tins….. This soup is the best!! “

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Classic Red Ukrainian Borscht Soups

Borscht without Beets • Serves 5

Authentic borscht without beets. There are no beets in this dry soup mix, but this is still a very traditional red Ukrainian borscht.

Traditional Borscht with Beans • Serves 5

The borscht kit will make you a delicious and healthy meal in no time. This dried bean soup mix will definitely become one of your favorites.

Classic Red Ukrainian Borscht • Serves 5

Classic Ukrainian Borscht recipe. Full of beets, cabbage and potatoes – a delicious dry soup mix that is easy and quick to make.

Summer Borscht with Bell Peppers • Serves 5

Fresh flavor of red and green bell peppers make this borscht a delicious vegetable soup mix. Keep this borscht vegan or add chicken – there is no wrong way to make it.

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Dallas Farmers Market

Dallas Farmers Market


The biggest and the oldest Farmers Market in DFW area conveniently located in downtown Dallas. The Market is home to Dallas vendors, merchants, artisans and craftsmen.
Saturday: 9 AM - 5 PM
Sunday: 10 AM - 5 PM

Market Provisions Co

Market Provisions Co


A new take on the general store! Find your morning coffee, sundries or everything for a farm-to-table meal. You'll find fresh meats, produce, specialty foods and even grab-n-go food - all from local farmers and artisans.
Open 7 Days a Week
10 AM - 6 PM

Borscht Recipes Collection

We have the most extensive collection of authentic and traditional borscht and vegetable soup recipes

Dill Pickle Soup

Light, flavorful and easy to make soup. Dill pickles add a nice tartness and barley adds great body. This is a great recipe for a quick and healthy lunch or dinner. Wash chicken breast under Read more…

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